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i just finished my first playthrough of the game, and i can honestly say i'm speechless. the graphics, the dialogue and storytelling, all wrapped up by the ambient soundtrack; so many emotions are elicited over the course of even a single version of the plot. the choices made on what to say, what not to say, not only guide the story but how you feel about your own story. the game is very though-provoking, and to say the least, it's absolutely beautiful. thank you for making this game and sharing it. cheers!

Is there a way to play this in windowed mode?


i am new i have one view on my game and it dousnt even any content

Beautiful art style 

please..KOREAN Language....!!!!!

*Finishes the game*


Would defenitly test on linux :D I'll shoot you a mail!

No Linux T_T

I've never been able to test on Linux so I didn't want to upload a version I'm unsure about.

I could build it and send you a free copy if you wanna test it out?

Send me an email if you fancy it:


I already bought your  game ^^

I can play it on Windows :)

But a Linux version would be nice...look at your mails.