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it was trully something else entirely, i saw a lot of symbollism and parrallels in the real life, i may be overthink things a lot but the car that would not fall off due to that woman holding some sort of stability yet unnable to get of her situation can be interpretred as life in general, the minute you want to try something new to get out of your situation you risk certain doom, while asking yourself what other choices you have left clarity/an other point of view comes to you and it's up to you to do all the interactions with it, and be confronted by the inescapable might of the natural order of nature.

thanks for that

I just streamed this after 2 different playthroughs (one a year ago and just right now) and I'm just so struck by how beautiful this is. I'm so glad to recommend this to as many people as I can because people need to experience this. The peace and emptiness that I feel now is priceless. Thank you for creating this!

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To be perfectly honest, I started this game off not really enjoying it. But god, as the story kept going and the stag kept talking I felt myself really being immersed into the ambiance and beauty of the game. I definitely would recommend this game for anyone, especially for those who are going through a tough time.


This was absolutely amazing. I'd love to see the overall narrative graph just to see what sorts of possibilities there are; I don't really want to replay it because I feel like that would cheapen the experience.


A wonderful experience. I really enjoyed this. The dialogue is wonderful, and the location is beautiful. Definitely worth playing through. Thanks for making this.

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I'm thankful for playing this game

Truly a masterpiece, this was an amazing and beautiful experience


I swear every time the deer says something it almost *drives* me to tears (haha)

Fantastic game with a fantastic narrative. I honestly could just look at the scenery for hours


All right. Few background images.


My gosh. This is probably the most stunning game I have ever played. Simple mechanics and set in a single location, but as far as the visuals, the dialogue, the story - this is an absolute work of art. The dialogue feels so natural and approachable, these are things I could imagine myself saying.

I have played it through once, and I feel the calmest and lightest I have in months, like I've just been cleaned of all that was dragging me down.

I could not recommend much in my life more than I recommend Far from Noise.

fantastic experience of a game. Well done!

Love the game. Very chill and melancholy

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what's your problem with the tree, dude? it's doing its best. also it is probably intended to mirror our situation, as it also clings to the dear life on the edge of the cliff.

Ooh ! That’s what it’s like to let your little brother post comments without you notice ! Sorry for the rudeness… I personally enjoyed every moment spent in this experience and hadn’t been bothered by the tree. He told me that he really disliked the shape of it. He found it the only flaw in the game, thus his disappointment. In his defense, he thinks it’s like a pile of textures constrained in the shape of a bowl, and well… He is not wrong… It didn’t displeased me though. To each his own I guess…

This game was a lovely experience. 


Hello, I’ve really enjoyed your game and I was wondering if some translation was considered. I would love to be able to share this discovery with some of my non-English reader friends (mostly french people), and if possible, I would like to help work on it :)

Conversaciones al borde de un precipicio. 

Cuando todo va mal pueden ocurrir cosas inesperadas. Recomendado!


The chillest game about perilously teetering over a cliff I've played so far

Such a beautiful game, great writing, perfect music. Very thought provoking

loved this! the visuals and sound design are undoubtedly stunning and the game as a whole made me long to be outside with the ocean and nature which isn't idea for right now!! but honestly the whole feel of the game was great, it really gave me the impression that they were the only people left in the world at parts and the writing was beautiful. thank you!


Loved this game so much! Very peaceful and an amazing experience - I played it all in one setting which took 1-2 hours and loved every single moment. Writing was great and the art style blew me away. Great game.

a good experience


I got this game from the blm bundle and saw it recommended many times but I put it off for a while because I felt I already could guess exactly what it was going to involve. I could not have been more wrong.

This is such a quietly elegant and concise experience. In a relatively short run time, it is able to express so many different ideas and moods while still feeling so calmly paced. I really enjoyed how I as a player could have my own experience separate from the character. I could stop clicking through the conversation and just pause and watch the world go by and sort through my own thoughts and reactions.

The ending that I got gave me goosebumps and is going to stick with me for quite some time. But I am also delighted to find out, rereading the description, that there are more endings to discover! I"m just going to save those for later and spend some time appreciating the ending I've already gotten.

This was... truly wonderful. Stellar writing and concept. I loved it.


What a beautiful game! Great story and to have the stag - a creature I feel a special connection with - show up makes this game even better! I wanted to do a one video full game let's play on it but my recording messed up so here is part one! I hope you enjoy!

By the way... Is there an option to get artwork from this game printed on a poster or whatever? I would love to have a piece of this hanging in my room!


thanks <3

I printed a bunch of posters a while back but I don't have access to them atm, you're welcome to print your own with this design


This concept of this game was probably one of the most eye-catching out of any game I've seen in a long time. I don't think I'll ever forget this game for coming up with such a scenario. For me personally, there were a few scenes that had me sit back in my chair just agape. The scene specifically discussing being scared to just exist again in the flurry of life was especially impactful for me.

I think no matter what, there's something to takeaway from this game. The art, and the transition from day to night, the realization of mortality, the fact that not only the person in the car learned something but the deer did too was all just beautiful. I especially like seeing seemingly "all-knowing" beings learn something. There's something very grounding and lovely in knowing that everyone has something to learn, and something to teach.

Also, I don't think I'll ever forget that Queen Avery constellation story-- if I ever find myself wistfully watching the stars with someone else I'll be sure to bring her up. Overall, this game was a pleasure to get to sit through. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring it to itchio :)))

P.S. actually laughed in delight with the turtle-frog scene, what legends. 


I'm not sure which ending I reached, or if everyone gets the same first ending, but the ending I got left me breathless and I just sat on the screen after the credits for so long and had a little cry. Truly beautiful, thank you for this experience.

A wonderful calming experience about dealing with existentialism and feeling lost in the world. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


I literally cannot stress enough how much I loved it. Made me think in ways I definitely was not expecting to. Thank you.

I love this game. I cried a a lot and its 4 am and I couldn't stop till I finished. The ending is amazing and I tried to look for answers then realized that it didn't matter either way.

That moment when the music starts, shortly after the introduction of the deer, that moment was magical. It was spectacularly crafted


Beautiful narrative, but very long to play though without some kind of official act/scene break


Its nice to see another game appreicate the difference between being alone and being lonely, thanks for a great experience


Hey there!

This game looks amazing from the screenshots and I've been wondering whether it'd be possible to have a linux version in the future?


not planning on it, sorry!

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Just a question

What happened to the Linux build that was offered to willing testers over e-mail a couple of years ago?

Did it work badly on Linux?


Beautiful, beautiful game that might mean a lot more or less to you based on your current life situation. Its is another text heavy story game, just keep that in mind. It is the usual exercise in slowing down, but it is also a very introspective look at our perspective, our priorities, shortcomings, loneliness, friends, nature, life goals... I could make this list endless, but for me it very closely resembles an experience and decision I recently made and has supported me in that decision for which I am very thankful. Thank you Laura, thank you Mr. Stag and even you, striped demon. 4,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


For me, I adored this game in the beginning. The situation was unique, the conversation that ensued felt natural but at the same time very interesting. It was cute in a way, and there were moments where I felt genuine sympathy for the protagonist. However as the game drew on, it started to seem more and more "artsy." Although when knocking at death's door, you have to start thinking about the more absurd things about life. But because of this, the game's pace slowed more than it already did, and became really boring. It was hard to finish. I enjoyed the game regardless.


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The artwork is just about the only redeeming thing about this game, if you can even call it that. Senseless dialogue crawls by that leads to a very unsatisfying finish.

Visuals - 5/5 - For what it's worth, this game is very pretty. The mostly rigid view has many subtle and beautiful changes that wow. The artist did well to play with the light as the game progresses, and it was a real treat to bask in it while I played.

Story - 1.5/5 - Unfortunately, the dialogue felt like a hodgepodge of words thrown together by a sixteen year old who at one moment is trying to use every inch of his vocabulary and the next reverting to slang. It somehow successfully manages to appear introspective while remaining largely uninspiring. Throwing in my most hated ending trope felt like the author laughing in my face for wasting my time getting to that point.

Mechanics - 3.5/5 - Fine.

Sound - 3/5 - It certainly fits the setting, which is why I decided to rate it above average. I enjoyed the rainstorm music the most, but it really takes a backseat to the dialogue, a mistake in my opinion.

Overall - 1.5/5   Difficulty - N/A

Completed - Playthrough (1 hr)


This is the most constructed unconstructive criticism I've ever seen


this was beautiful. thank you


Lovely, with great presentation.  

If anything, I felt the dialogue went on a bit over-long, with the protagonist repeatedly failing to grasp the point of their conversation and resetting every time a new animal appeared.  But that's just a small annoyance with a lovely bit of art.

This was such a beautiful rendition of what ought to be an urgent, terrifying moment into a slow, appreciative place for introspection. Everything is all at once made meaningful and meaningless at an odd crossroads in space, time, and choices.


This game makes me feel better about what meaningless means

This is simply beautiful, it changed my perspective about a lot of subjects <3 thank you

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