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Beautiful and heartwarming game. Brings me back to my chidlhood and stargazing without a care in the world! <3

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A thoughtful and beautiful game, such original design. The constellations my favorite part.

This game made me cry. I'm going to go to bed now.


Do you have any plans to port this to linux?


Really enjoyed the game. The conversations seemed to flow more naturally than in probably any other branching dialogue game I've ever played. Even AAA ones. Much like someone else here, I didn't read the synopsis before I started playing so I had no idea that you were going to be balancing on the edge of a cliff. Streamed my first playthrough. After playing it I wished I hadn't (streamed it). I just feel it was more a personal experience than one best shared with others. I found myself a bit melencholy and introspective the longer the game went on. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants a thought provoking, narrative driven game with a great conversation system. It'll help you to ponder some things you otherwise might never think about. Great game. Thanks.

I liked this! A very lovely, solid experience.


It really is such a beautiful game in its simplicity. There's no physical journey but in its place is an emotional one which occurs through a simple conversation. The graphics and visuals accompanied by the soundtrack are really immersive and enjoyable, good amount of humour is included throughout, and the ending is vague and somehow satisfying at the same time! :)


my computer doesnt like running this game, but it almost suits the slow nature of the game.

if i were to tell someone what my experience with nature and spirituality was like, i think i'd give them this game. i describe peace and connection and joy as pink static floating around in my chest, and the entire time this game gave me that exact feeling. the MC could be a little bit brash for me sometimes, but otherwise i felt like i was having a conversation with an old friend.

sometimes, we just need to be far from noise to find the quiet we were missing.


It's a beautiful game. It games me a heart attack in the first few minutes of the game (Technically I didn't read the summary saying MC will be balancing on the edge of a cliff) but later on it was so calming. I could look at the scenery for a long time.... The ending was great. I didn't expect it to end like that.

A truly beautiful game.


This game is absolutely stunning, first and foremost. You’re locked into a conversation with yourself for the first portion and then have a little help from an animal friend in the latter half. The conversation(s) you have flow very naturally and veer into territory that is very up my alley as an English major and failed poet.

There’s gotta be infinite ways for these conversations to go and many different endings or conclusions depending on your choices. I won’t spoil anything, but the only ending I’ve played thus far was rather ambiguous and I loved it; ending with an embrace of ambiguity and uncertainty is quintessentially me.


I've never played a game that had me so consistently on the verge of tears, in such a cathartic way.


Lovely, quiet game about a conversation. My playthrough took maybe three hours.

What a wonderful game. I passed over it a few times before downloading, and I'm very glad I did. The story is engaging, the atmosphere and environment is capitivating and beautiful. The dialog feels very natural. Great job.

An engaging narrative experience that runs for just over an hour and manages to captivate with it's characters despite throwing the 'show and not tell' rule off a cliff. One of the best examples of dialogue I've seen in a game.


A small, lovely game about a conversation on the edge of a cliff. I would recommend it to anyone who likes quiet, contemplative text-based games. The visuals are lovely and relaxing, the stakes of the plot got me invested, and the sound design was great. I played it for about two hours and I could see myself getting in the mood to play it again at some point and take other conversation paths. I bought this game as part of a charity bundle and it was well worth that cost, and I think it would be worth its standard cost (~$8.00) as well. Consider purchasing to support this developer! 

as of writing this, i have only finished one playthrough, but i've decided to save my next for the next time i need something soothing and cathartic. i haven't experienced something like this game in quite a long time. it hit me in a way i both didn't know would affect me so strongly, and didn't know i desperately needed. i'm eagerly looking forward to what you make next. thank you so much!


This is the most beautiful, thoughtful, contemplative game I've played in a long time. I played it this morning and I've been thinking about it all day. There's so many things here that I love: the gorgeous visuals, the lovely music, and especially the dialogue. I really appreciate how realistic the dialogue is– there were multiple times when one of my choices was something I was actually thinking. It so smoothly transitioned between being funny, introspective and fretting over seemingly impending doom. It wasn't long at all before I was completely immersed in the story. And the ending that I got was just… it was one of those endings that sticks with you, y'know? Like when you read an amazing book, and you've been through this whole adventure, and then it comes to its neatly tied up open ending, and it leaves you sitting there, thinking about everything you've been through with the characters since starting the book. 10/10 from me. I hope Far from Noise gets as much attention as it deserves.

so how do i get the steam key after purchasing it as a bundle? Is there no way to play this? I'm new to this sorry lol

no steam keys.

just click on download and play

Uma ótima visual novel sobre questionamentos existenciais com pontadas de niilismo.
Você conduz toda a sua linha de pensamento, sempre podendo escolher entre o otimista e o pessimista.
O jogo inteiro se passa no mesmo lugar, mas tudo a sua volta muda durante os diálogos e há momentos que você está tão imerso que nem se dá conta que o tempo está passando.
A natureza é sua companheira nessa jornada, então espere visitas de todos os tipos.

A arte é sensacional! Lindas composições de cores, sempre em harmonia com as situações do jogo.

Não recomendo o jogo para quem não gosta de reflexões sobre a vida e coisas do tipo, pois além de ser o foco do jogo, tudo o que acontece é em torno disso, incluindo as animações e mudanças no cenário.
Ele é bem "leia, pense e responda", se você odeia textos e ter que ficar pensando na resposta, também não vai curtir.

Análise completa


Hi there! Is there any way to request a steam key after purchasing? When I go to the download page, it does't give me the option to do so. Is this because I received this game as part of a bundle? Thanks in advance!


If you purchased it as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality then you don't get a Steam key.

Thanks for letting me know!


I just finished my first playthrough and I am in love! The soundtrack and visuals alone are enough to make me emotional, let alone the conversational elements. I loved the insight from the game about life and choices, it was really what I needed. And I love that I can play again with different choices.


This one made me CRY. 2 hours which felt very emotionally loaded and experiential.

oh great! I remember playing this, totally hooked, at AMAZE festival while surrounded by crazy party people :D


With the undoubted influx of 'players' with this being in the bundle, would you please consider renaming your download files to "" and ""
I imagine others will do as I have and download a bunch in bulk, and having a "" file isn't helpful

Having said all that, judging from the reviews and comments, I'm REALLY looking forward to playing


No worries, that's done.

Any chance this game is getting a Portuguese version? I would LOVE to recommend it to a couple of Brazilian friends! Either way, it was a beautiful experience!!

Sorryyy this came out 2 years ago and I haven't got any plans to revisit with localisations.

This was a good game.  I say that as the highest compliment.  I have a wonderful sense of relaxation during and after playing, and had good chuckles and laughs while playing.  And the graphics were beautiful: especially the scenery.


Sometimes I couldn't quite make the conversation option I wanted to, but that wasn't too often.

(copying and pasting this from my review since I guess reviews and comments are separate!)


Hey any chance to get it updated for mac?? I cant play it :( 

Working on it! Hopefully later today.

thank you!


Just released an update, lemme know if it still doesn't work.

Just mildly hijacking this thread to ask that you rename the versions to include "Far from Noise" in the file names
Having downloaded game files in bulk from the bundle, it would make it easier to find afterwards =]

I Guess Stag was just there for me and in me


This was a beautiful, touching, moving experience.

Howdy! I'm excited to play this game on my mac, but looks like it needs to be updated? I'm getting this message on my macbook pro with Catalina:

"The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information."

oh dear! thanks for letting me know, I'll update it this weekend

hooray! Thanks so much :)

This is up now :)

You're the best!! Thank you!

i just finished my first playthrough of the game, and i can honestly say i'm speechless. the graphics, the dialogue and storytelling, all wrapped up by the ambient soundtrack; so many emotions are elicited over the course of even a single version of the plot. the choices made on what to say, what not to say, not only guide the story but how you feel about your own story. the game is very though-provoking, and to say the least, it's absolutely beautiful. thank you for making this game and sharing it. cheers!

Is there a way to play this in windowed mode?


i am new i have one view on my game and it dousnt even any content

Deleted post

please..KOREAN Language....!!!!!

*Finishes the game*



Would defenitly test on linux :D I'll shoot you a mail!


No Linux T_T


I've never been able to test on Linux so I didn't want to upload a version I'm unsure about.

I could build it and send you a free copy if you wanna test it out?

Send me an email if you fancy it:


I already bought your  game ^^

I can play it on Windows :)

But a Linux version would be nice...look at your mails.


Worked great with wine for me.

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Did you use Proton or Lutris or else did it just straight up work?


I just used regular old wine. Installed it through my OS package manager.

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