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so ive downloaded a few games from and i have no idea how i play them on my chromebook they just add assets to my files without letting me play it. can ANYONE help me with this i rlly want to play these games

As far as I know, you can't run windows programs without the use of another program. Chromebooks are quite useless. You're stuck to whatever is on the chrome web store I guess


It's the night before Valentine's Day.

This game was literally the most apt passive aggressive thing I needed in my life.

As the memories of my own dearly departed Boxer dog sprung to mind, I thought that if he could've spoken, it would have been something similar to Doris. 

Very funny, quirky game. Look forward to your next endeavours. 


Inside Your Screen


here to play again. i remember when mark and pewds played this way back

This is incredibly cute

I thought this was another lame a$$ dating game

how do you answer the questionYO


i love that pug . oh and when write your name pug is gona make somethin

hahahahaha X

So cute!!!

I genuinely smiled and laughed with almost every single line! This is an amazing, extremely funny and creative game! Loved it!

Pretty fun game I definitely enjoyed it myself!

how do i play it? i downloaded it but cant figure out how to get it to pop up

Pugs are rude! Great game to check out! 


so funny and some famos youtubers have play this so good btw this game  is awsome



so true lmao